The #1 Team Diagnostics Solution

Get 10x better team insights via Perflo's unique Micro-Assessments™ and PhD-backed recommendations to help your team directly inside of Slack and MS Teams.

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Put out fires long before they start.

Perflo helps managers prevent problems 10x faster via:

Proactive Nudges

Light and actionable suggestions, right in the flow of work.

Team Intelligence

Leveraging the wisdom of every team member autonomously.

Actionable Insights

Helping leaders understand their team’s needs as they occur.

Spend your time and energy where it’s most impactful

Perflo’s bot in Slack and Microsoft Teams helps guide leaders and teams to tackle what’s important, as it happens.

The ultimate team diagnostics solution

Driven by our proprietary 30 second Micro-Assessments™, Perflo produces team insights on the following four categories:

Team Longevity

Gain clarity into if and why your team may be at risk of attrition, and prevent turnover.

Team Collaboration

Support your team’s performance, and efficiency, in the areas that matter most.

Team Well-being

Prevention is the best medicine. Be informed of risk areas within your team’s health before it.

Team Agility

Understand your team’s adaptability levels deeper, and pinpoint areas to increase organizational agility.

Turning feedback into action for immediate team impact

Behaviorally-designed Manager Nudges™ and Team Nudges™ that act as a virtual coach to help increase team effectiveness.

Plug n’ play

It takes only 3 minutes to plug Perflo in and set up your team to start receiving team feedback and insights.

In the flow of work

We meet you and your team where you already are - team members don’t need to sign up and remember another password.

Backed by science and research

Our team consists of leading PhDs and professors in both team psychology and behavioral science.

Why industry leaders love Perflo

Alan L. Colquitt, PhD
Alan L. Colquitt, PhD
Past Head, Org Effectiveness

There are very few products like Perflo that focus on team performance, needs for this type of product will only grow in the future as work becomes even more team-based.

Ohad Ivry
Ohad Ivry
People Tech Expert

Perflo got it right! Their solution is a perfect fit for today’s remote working environment. Measuring performance and team satisfaction is challenging - Perflo’s solution make it that much easier and simpler to do so.

Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor
VP Global PMO

Having led some of the largest PMOs in the world I clearly recognise the value gap that Perflo will address in the almost untouched area of team performance, this is a critical investment for any organization.

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